FPL customers to pay for natural-gas fracking in Oklahoma?

Did you read the latest today?

FPL customers to pay for natural-gas fracking in Oklahoma?


Florida Natural Gas (FPL) customers are now going to be paying for (FRACKING) drilling in Oklahoma looking for gas?

This was passed last December?

Did you or anyone ever hear about this before the vote?

Who was doing the voting?

Customers or CEO’s of the power company and the politicians?

They said it is to pass the cost of drilling in Oklahoma on to you, the Florida customer, to protect future natural gas price swings?

If you have been watching any media for the last few years, we are being told that there is enough natural gas for another 100 years?

Now might be a good time to wake up and start paying attention to what your politicians are doing to you while you can still do something about it?


Donald TRUMP is Crushing the rest of the republican party and Bernie Sanders just became the Man of the Year, “What’s the use, shoot me now!

FPL asks permission to drill for natural gas

December 1, 2014



This is the number of injection wells, so far, in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma earthquakes from fracking

This is a map so far of Earthquakes in Oklahoma because of Fracking!

This is what Governor Rick Scott wants to do to Florida!