21 unclaimed veterans buried South Florida!

The Missing In America Project,

a nonprofit that locates, identifies and lays to rest

the long unclaimed remains

of veterans, spouses & dependents

interred 14 veterans and 7 spouses Saturday

at the South Florida National Cemetery.

Unclaimed remains of war veterans laid to rest at Lake Worth cemetery

To date, the group has buried more than 2,500 veterans and spouses of veterans across the country.

Before the burials, the group tries to reach relatives and allow them a chance to claim their loved ones’ ashes. Three families were reunited with remains before the service and opted for private services. Family members of those buried Saturday were not present.

On Saturday, laid to rest were:

((((Jack Legan, Frank H. Vadurro, Charles J. Valkenburg, Carol Andre Shepherd, Jacob S. Cohen, Ignatius Patrick Crisci, John Joseph Fitzgerald, Wayne Andrew Ludwig, Frank Wilfred O’ Hara Jr., John Edward Lee, Charles William Morton, James Edward Sullivan, William Vaselekos and Louis Walter Harvey, Jr.))))

The late heroes hailed from each of the five branches of the military.



Army Major Michael Flynn inters the remains of U.S. Army Corpral Jack Legan as Marshall Murphy of the South Florida National Cemetary looks on.

Veterans and volunteers were on hand at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth to take part in the burial ceremony for the Missing in America Project.

The nonprofit locates, identifies and inters the unclaimed cremated remains of veterans, spouses & dependents that have sat on funeral home shelves for decades.

During the ceremony the unclaimed remains of 14 veterans and seven veterans’ spouses were interred.

December 5, 2015.

Jim Rassol, Sun Sentinel.


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