Fracking Bill Moves Forward



Florida is for sale to the Highest-Bidder!

Remember my past (4) postings about Fracking?

This was the latest!

When does 2 become a winner over 60?

November 30, 2015

Well sorry to say that the posting were, as usual, correct

when it come’s to

“Taking from the Poor to feed this Rich and their Pocketbooks”

(Governor Rick Scotts Bank-Account)!

Governor to taxpayers in Florida.

“Bite Me”

I am running for the senate and need as much

“Super-Pack Money”

that I can get by selling Florida to the highest bidder!

Bill to open the door to fracking in Florida moves forward


Florida could be opened up to fracking under a bill that would require the Department of Environmental Protection to study and set regulations for the method of oil and gas drilling.

A House committee voted 9-3 to approve the bill Wednesday despite strong opposition from environmentalists who said fracking could contaminate drinking water and cause health problems.

Fracking is the process of shooting a mix of water, sand and chemicals underground at high pressure to fracture rock formations and release oil and gas trapped inside.

The bill calls for a $1 million study on how fracking would affect surface and groundwater,

underground geology and how water and chemicals used in the process are disposed.

DEP would then set fracking regulations based on the study.


Who is paying for this yet another study?

You the Florida Taxpayer, of course!