1,000 jobs????

Oakridge Batteries Brevard County Florida



Palm Bay OKs incentives for battery firm’s 1,000 jobs????

 Look! Another 1,000 job Governors Flops!!!!!

If this was a flip-flop by President Barrack Obama?

The media would be on it constantly for days, 20 to 30 times a day!

I write about this and I am just another constant complained?

This is just another one of Governor Rick Scotts many,

“Let’s get to work”

very expensive to taxpayers,


Remember that you voted for him because of his promise of WORK?



the work, if or when it comes,

comes with a huge price tag to you the taxpayers

and the jobs are all mediocre jobs with little pay and no benefits!

Battery maker Oakridge behind on paying workers

Dave Berman and Ilana Kowarski, FLORIDA TODAY 9:31 p.m. EST December 2, 2015

Governor Rick Scott at Oakridge facility in Palm Bay

Governor Rick Scott made the official announcement at the Palm Bay facility of Oakridge Global Energy Solutions that the lithium battery manufacturing company will create 1,000 jobs in Brevard County.  TIM SHORTT/FLORIDA TODAY



Palm Bay OKs incentives for battery firm’s 1,000 jobs



on October 07, 2015