When does 2 become a winner over 60?

Christopher Heath WFTV News Reporting today at 6:00AM 11/30/2015

When it means big money in the pocketbooks of our governor

and his pets in congress!

This week city and county leaders around the state are fighting back against a plan that would give the state authority to regulate Fracking,

A drilling, polluting, way to look for oil, and gas under your property, our drinking water and protected land in Florida!


A new report shows that

20 counties and 40 cities across the state

and about 40% of the population,

are banning fracking!

However, two (2)!

Yes you are reading this correctly!

State lawmakers have proposed bills that would give lawmakers

full control over regulating the process!

You can lay down your bets today if you need some easy cash?

A sure wager if there ever was a sure wager!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida and his two pet congressmen,

whoever they are, will get this corrupt bill passed!

So that once again he and our Republican congress can fill their bank accounts with

“Super-Pack Money!”

I am sorry if my Republican friends and followers that don’t like this however, “if the truth hurts?”

Change your political party ?

Dump the crooked bums!



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