Bear Policy Discussion Seminole County (((?)))

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda!


Leaving trash out

COULD MEAN????????

How long has this been going on?

How long before we actually get to save our Black Bears?

If one of the richest county in the state wanted the wildlife, bears and such, around their neighborhood and the rest of the county’s in the state did not, this, Seminole County and the rest of the state would be over populated with wildlife, bears and such.

It all depends on who is feeding the coffers (bank account)

of our politicians!

The governor’s budget will allow for bear proof trash containers in Seminole County as long as all of the Floridians taxes pay for them!

What does the governor’s budget have to do with Floridians needing to paying for their own containers?

Leaving trash out could mean fines for Seminole County residents in bear area.

Never mind could mean,

FINE THEM!!!!!!!!!!


Bears are always on the move in Seminole County, often found scrounging for food in trash cans.

A proposed county ordinance would mean that some Seminole County homeowners have to keep food scraps in the house or garage, or locked up in a bear-proof trash can.


“You’ve got to be very careful with your trash can.

Make sure it’s sealed. Just take care of that,” resident Pedro Rodriguez said.

The proposed ordinance would mean a fine of $100 a day

for those who put trash out before 5 a.m. on collection day,

or leaving their cans out after 8 p.m.

Residents who have purchased bear-proof trash cans are exempt.

READ: Draft copy of bear ordinance

“It’s impossible to do it.

We would get fined because sometimes we have to put the trash out the night before, and everyone puts their trash out the night before,”

resident Barbara Hansla said.

Barbara Hansla and her husband, Carl Hansla, said their small dogs have made them more aware of bears.

“Just leave (the bear) alone and just let people have common sense.

It’ll work,” Carl Hansla said.

After three bear attacks in Seminole County in the past two years, some residents said you can’t be too careful.

“Because we all live together, it should be that way,” Rodriguez said.

Residents said leaving turkey fryers and grills out can also attract bears.

The ordinance would also prohibit residents leaving pet food outside and would put restrictions on what kind of bird feeders can be in yards.

The ordinance would affect those living in the Urban Bear Management Area, an area of Seminole County where there is a high incidence of bears looking for food in trash containers.

Commissioners will determine the boundaries of that area. 

Commissioners are expected to take up the ordinance on Dec. 8.


4 thoughts on “Bear Policy Discussion Seminole County (((?)))

  1. Since I don’t live there maybe I don’t have a right to comment, but it makes sense to me that if each person would use the sense God gave a goose, they would not want a bear to be in their back yard, or the front of the garage, and they would keep the food out of the garbage until time for it to be picked up. Even up here I just didn’t want the odor of rotting food in my garbage can, so I froze the garbage (food part) until time it was picked up, then tossed the frozen block into the container. Kept the cats out, as well as rodents, bugs and flies. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Keep on keeping on Sachem. How are you? and how is Donna? I don’t spend much time on the ‘net lately, but think of you frequently.


    • This in my blog so all of my friends have the right to comment Kentucky Angel.
      Love your comment! 🙂
      And just to add a little for you, No Black Bear will just run up and attack you unless, you are a threat to their cub or their food, they would rather run away.
      These bears will keep coming to a spot where “stupid lazy people” are known to leave pet food out or have open containers!

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      • I know bears don’t attack unless they are threatened, because we have brown bears around here. My son goes on photo trips in the hills to “shoot” them, and has enough sense to stay far enough away that he won’t get between a mother and cub.
        We’ve never had them in town, but there are people in the parks who have been attacked, even though they are given instructions about keeping food in containers, no garbage left open where the bears can detect the odor, and all of the warnings, but as you say, “stupid, lazy people” that they are, they have no business being in the wild without a keeper, because they seem to think they are invincible, and the bears are like the lovable animals in the circus. Sometimes I think the humans should be in cages while the animals look on at them and it would all be well.
        Have a good day my friend.

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