What do your do when you job is at stake?

Stump your bosses of course!

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi is fearing for her job now that her “Lord and Master” (BOSS) can no longer run for his office,

because his two terms is about to expire.

She has changed her ad’s a number of times and taking credit for everything good happening in Florida for the past 100 years!

Unless the Florida Congress actually completes its plan to change the law that will keep them all in their office!

Yes, you are reading this correctly, congress is actually planning on voting to extend their stay longer then a two year term!


1. a person who employs or superintends workers.

2. a politician who controls the party organization, as in a particular district.

3. to be master of or over; control.

4. to order about, especially in an arrogant manner.

5. to be too domineering and authoritative.

6. chief; master.


1. All the voting public.

However, it no longer matters how you vote in Florida because if the congress in Florida does not like the vote, they just changes it to what they want it to be,

as with Amendment #1!

Protect the Environment to put the money in the pet projects of the politicians!

Remember to keep voting republican so that you can keep getting “Nothing!’

 “So that they can keep getting everything that they want for themselves!”