Can a white couple be married by a native spiritual leader?

Walkingfox, “I’ll tell you why I ask, we both want to get married and were told that she would lose more than half of her social security if we do.

We were both told by our parents that we are native Indians but we do not know much more?

I see by your writing that there might be hope for us?”


Welcome Beth and Marty from Carlisle, Massachusetts,_Massachusetts

To my tripod Mohegan/Pequot Alter site.

My honor and love for my Grandfather, Shechaim Ohjieshan (TALLFOX).

Sorry this has taken so long to get back to you, a little busy lately!

I see you, as did I, moved out of New England, maybe your reason was also health.

Beth and Marty, if you do have blood (Native American Ancestors) you will feel it, especially getting along in years as am I.

In Florida you many have already found out there are many seniors in your predicament with social security and this congress and their lack of caring.

Mind you that I cannot and never would change anything in our culture or ceremonies set down by my ancestors.

This is what has always been possible, native or not, in a traditional tribe.

Remember, the tribes up north that are on reservation (Casino Indians) might need to follow the laws of the government and not so much the laws of Creator?

We have always and will always follow Kiehtan (Creator) and if it does not conflict with Creator, follow the laws of the government.

This government does not recognize our people therefore our culture or ceremonies.

So, (yes) “Non-Recognized Tribes” do marry elders of many religions and beliefs and the government will not recognize the marriage.

Therefore this government cannot help themselves to ‘your hard earned right to your retirement fund’.

If you do go to a “Creator Fearing Tribe” and this tribe places you under the protection of Creator, you will most assuredly be recognized when your time come for your

“Crossing Ceremony!”

The only time that it should ever count?

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Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem Walkingfox)


4 thoughts on “Can a white couple be married by a native spiritual leader?

    • Gypsy Bev
      Happy Turkey day!
      I have a few thousand answers to your question, suffice to say NO!
      Just check out every reservation with a casino to notice that roads to and from are, as such, that if that “Indian Casino” does not do exactly as that state tells them to do the state can quickly shut them down with their “State Police!”


      • When I think about our government control over our lives, I often think of moving to Canada – cold would be better than being suffocated with their multitude of laws. Even when they pretend to give us something, they always have to have their list of regulations that accompany that so-called gift. You can tell, it makes me angry.

        But I am still thankful for my friends and the ability to say what I think – at least so far.


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