Uncas (Unkas) was never a ‘Chief’!


 SHOCKING isn’t it?

While it is true that Unkas was the ‘War Chief’ while a member of the Pequot Tribe, the word ‘chief’ when speaking about traditional tribes over on the East Coast of Indian Country, it has a much different meaning that the word ‘Chief’ of the Plains Indians!

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I noticed that you came to a few of our sites and skipped over many, many others?

Good thinking on your part because most of them have no clue about our people except what they can take from other sites?

Aquai/Aquine tripod is a behind the times website.

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Shock Uncas (Unkas) was never a Chief!

As told by my elders, Unkas as a War Chief of the Pequot Tribe, a member of The Mohiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

At least half of the sites that you show up on still call him a chief?

A chief of our people is something like a ‘Working Forman’ on a ‘temp job’ in this country?

A temp job is just that a temporary job, once the job is completed, no more temp job until the next one?

Therefore, that Working Forman is no longer on this temp job, got it?

A chief in our tribe is like that Working Forman only he/she is appointed by the ‘Head Clan Mother’ or one of her clan mothers.

Once that particular job is completed there is no more need for a chief of that job.

Therefore, when Unkas (Uncas) left the Pequot’s, no more chief?

He become the leader of his own people, Shechaim Ohjieshan Unkas!

However, he and his followers were all still members of the old (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People).

My elders use the name (Mohiigan) for easier understanding by non-natives and I continue with the name.