Native American Significance of the Circle

Native American Significance of the Circle


The Willie Nellie Stew Pot

Welcome Jacksonville Florida a little up Route # 95 from us to one of our postings.


Native American circle of life meaning

Native American Significance of the Circle

We, the members of the tribe, have many websites and blog posting answering questions about a native circle and all are always welcome to read them?

After retirement and living in Florida, I always feel the need to

‘walk on egg shell’

while answer questions not from a school in Florida,


Posting like this leave a bitter taste in my mouth however, as my follower know,

I must speak the truth!

My best salvation is to keep reminding the writer that we post and answer questions from our knowledge from our elders and ancestors in and around the New England Area.

Because, sorry to say,

most of the time traveling the circuit in Florida one tends to find some strange ideas to say the least?

I like to blame it on Florida being a ‘mini melting-pot’ from all over the country and the world?

Gets me off the hook.

Problem with a Milting Pot is it tends to be something like a


One usually throw’s every left over into the pot while it is cooking?

I have also noticed that within this milting-pot are a few people from tribes around the country.

Non-natives running what they think should be a native gathering.

And just about every gathering one goes to,

has a number of the occult in their membership?

I am not picking on the occult however,

mixing the occult with True Traditional Native Americans

is like trying to mix cold oil into a boiling hot pan of water?

Something is going to give.



The writer did not ask for a Sacred Circle?

So, a circle in a gathering native or not is a comfortable place to gather, dance and enjoy the day, week, or whatever?

A Sacred Circle is a place in or around a True Traditional Native American Gathering of the People and it is Sacred.