Will Steverson Stay Or Go?

Walking with the Alligators

Silver Springs, Nature’s Underwater Fairyland
Picture credit: Florida State Memory Archives

The controversial, Scott nominated, head of the Florida DEP, Jon Steverson, is like a “bird on a wire” at the moment.

He has previously failed to be confirmed for this appointment by the Governor and if he is rejected, or fails to be confirmed the next vote, it is over.

So why the controversy you may ask.

Good question, am happy to point out the many reasons he should NOT be confirmed.

This man wants to help the Parks here in Florida become more profitable.

Remember the story here about  Payne’s Prairie  not long ago?

And Silver Springs, the location for the old Tarzan movies, is still trying to survive the Canadian Cattle Billionaire who is presently draining their breathtaking beauty dry everyday to provide water for his cows.

The Parks making a profit idea, is not of, or in itself,  a bad…

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