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You managed to end up on two of our posting about Spirits while looking for Evil Trickster Spirit.

Evil spirit, Coyote and Trickster



Evil spirits Coyote, Trickster and Powwows.



Before we dig into your question and answer you from our ancestors teaching.

I want to be sure that you understand that, you are in Texas, a long way from our people in the northeast?

The reason is because of your question?

Evil, Trickster, Spirit?

I did not know that tribes this far from my people called the Main Evil Spirit, Trickster?


Got that covered, our people have our Dream-catcher (Tear-Drop) made from grape vines and/or Willow Tree Branches.


At the time of this story our main enemy was known as the Trickster and this Trickster was/is Evil.

With the help of the ‘Little People’, ‘Spider Women’ ‘the tenacity of our ‘Clan Mothers’ and many prayers to Kiehtan, our Creator, this Evil Trickster Spirit is kept under control.

This Trickster has many sub spirits and at the time were called Powwow Spirits.

After ‘First contact by the Euro-Americans’ and the brutal way they kept pushing our ancestor to allow them into our Sacred Ceremony called Paw-paus, our Clan Mothers and the Shechaim Ohjieshan (Sachem) started a watered down ceremony, called it a Powwow Ceremony and welcomed all in to dance.

I tried to cover this for you?

However, our people believe that no spirit good or bad can harm you if you believe in prayer to Kiehtan for help?

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