Connecticut Welcome you!


Connecticut Welcome you!

My state, Connecticut is one of the states allowing the victims of war in as family.

Thank you Mia Farrow

You are not only a Great Actor you are a Good Neighbor, and


for showing me this on twitter!

I love you both, Donna more, saved myself?



In Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy told WVIT-TV he was confident in the federal government’s screening procedures.

“We should be safe,” Mr. Malloy said. “On the other hand, America has always had a big heart.”

Mia Farrow Proud of my home state – Connecticut!

As long as I am in this paradise called Florida

and until this governor turns it into a “Cement Block, Cesspool, Desert,”

I am a proud “Snow-Bird!”

Ready willing and able to move when necessary.