What color is the Uniform of the ‘Isis army’?


because some in congress seems to have forgotten that in the Bush Family Wars the battles were against the Iraqi Republican Guard?


An “old style war!”


The Iraqi Republican Guard had on their Combat Uniforms and were in their tanks and armor vehicles, real easy to spot and destroy,


which by the way, neither of the Bush Wars finished doing just that?

“Finishing Their Wars!”

Today’s wars are with terrorist dressed like the citizens, hiding in schools, churches, mosques and in the crowed, not so easy to spot?

Senator John McCain stated that,

“the refuge problem was the ‘result of a failed system, not the ’cause of failure?”

For once “I agree with Senator John McCain,


the Bush Family Wars left a large void in the war areas and ISIL is busy filling this void!”


Unless, as everything else going wrong with the world, the Bush Family Wars was the fault of President Obama?


I hope that Jets dumping 20 bombs on a city killing indiscriminately is not being called “Finished the Payback?”

CNN needs to install a “Spell Checker?”

This morning while interviewing Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham we read,

“American sentiment “Rapidly Chaning on Fighting ISIS!”

One would think that an important news company like CNN could afford a better

Spell Checker?