USS Betelgeuse 1952

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If you were looking for your ship mates we were on the Goose at least 9 months apart so I’m not sure?

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3 thoughts on “USS Betelgeuse 1952

  1. My hubby wasn’t in the Navy that early, but during Vietnam he served aboard a ship out of Virginia, I think. He passed away in his sleep 3 weeks ago, after spending the previous day on his farm doing the thing he loved the most, working with his cattle. I find comfort in this. He could never have handled an illness, because of his “have to be busy” nature. He was a wonderful father to his children, and a good man, and is missed by us all.


      • No, he never traveled again after coming home. He told me he got all the roaming out of his system during that stint, and just like me, wanted to stay home and farm, raise a family, and do his traveling by watching TV, or looking at the photos people sent us.
        You probably did miss him by about six months to a year. He loved his time in the Navy, and spoke of it often, but just as something that was part of his past, a door that closed never to be opened again.
        Thank you Sachem.


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