About 2,000 high school mascot names are offensive

I will be writing about this with the knowledge that some of my ancestors came from the three main race of people involved with this conflict.

Red, White and Dark.

I would like to believe that the ancestors on my White side of the family would be chastising their decedents if alive today.

The ancestors on my Dark side of the family would be proud today.

However, the ancestors on my Red side of the family would be

embarrassed to be associated with the “red people of today!”

Well at least in Florida!

No matter how many school and/or sports teams are in this country, you may be sure that their mascots do not need to be insulting to be representing the team?

The names are an insult to a whole race of people however, those teams are just too pompous and inconsiderate to care!

The Dark decedents can and should be proud of not hiding in some corner and instead, out pounding the streets together for their rights as human beings.

The Red side of my family

I personally am embarrassed to say

would not, could not, will not, join together

while in a leaking row boat,

to help bail it out!

For instance, what president would you say had the most influence in destroying our people?

What president chased the “Seminole people” into the swamps of the Everglades while trying to completely annihilate them?

Today in Florida we still have a high school names after this president and another name after a confederate general!

President Andrew Jackson high school



Robert E. Lee high school


“The Red Raiders!”


Adidas offering to help schools change Native American imagery

Monday, 09 Nov, 2015

According to Adidas, as many as 2,000 high schools in the United States use names or imagery that might be deemed offensive and that has raised concerns among tribal communities. While California recently banned the name “Redskins” for high school teams, there are plenty of other teams with similar names like “Indians.”