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November 11th 2015

Ask a Veteran (How well is the V.A. Doing)?

The V.A. is on Life-Support and this congress keeps finding more plugs to pull!

This morning the CNN “Dynamic Three” put yet another ‘head of the V.A.’ in the Hot Seat!

I have had a ‘Baker’s-Dozen’ doctors in this little V.A. Clinic that I go to since coming to Florida,



This congress , or should I say, the Warmonger Super-Packs, want Trillions for defense and a war with ISIS!

The V.A. cannot keep good doctors in their clinics and hospitals or compete with outside hospitals because this government pays 1940 wages to doctors and nurses in today’s 2015 real world!

For “God Sake” give a measly few millions to care for our veterans now,

because each veteran has already earned it in the past!

Depending who is our next president,

‘War or No War?

If or when, we do go to war with ISIS in Syria we will automatically be going to war with Russia, because Russia is already in the war fighting on the side of the Syrian government.

If or when we do go to war with ISIL in Iraq, we will automatically be going to war with Iran, because they are providing military equipment and money to ISIL in that country!

If we keep giving pennies to our V.A. and multiple Trillions to the companies that make our military equipment, no returning veteran, wounded or not will have the help at home that each must have!


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