Senator Tom Cotton has a Cotton Mouth

Agkistrodon piscivorus03 6-2-07 AMH

Sen. Tom Cotton:

Social Security benefits cause people to ‘spiral downward’ into heroin addiction

One would tend to believe that with Senator Tom Cottons educational background he would know a little more about our Social Security Insurance then he is letting on to know?

You see Tom, Social Security is an Insurance paid for by the person now being covered or soon to be covered?

Unless Republican Politicians the likes of you steal this from us also?

Tom, you should also know that the way your political party has been chopping away at our insurance , we could never afford drugs like “Heroin!”

So Tom, is your “Taxpayer paid insurance”

causing your obvious decline into drug abuse

and dependence, are you a heroin addict also?

Insurance, is Insurance, is Insurance Tom!

With your declining “Mind Health” god help you if you are in need to reapply for this great insurance that politicians like you have been stealing from the

“Tax Paying Public” now on Social Security Insurance!

From Jackie, one of my Facebook, WordPress, Twitter followers.

“You go ahead and worry that Obama coming after your guns;

I will worry about our Social Security being taken by Republicans.

Social Security is what you have paid into your entire working life.

Many elderly could not live without Social Security payments.”


“In seven years Obama has not touched one gun –


He has been too busy working, unlike Congress.”