Principal Removes Tobacco from Sacred Medicine Pouch


How did a school principal and/or a kitchen employee know what was being worn around this persons neck?

Sacred is just that Sacred?

If a Native American walks with non natives, what is around ones neck is a

“Prayer Pouch!”

What is in a Prayer pouch, a Medicine pouch or anything else around our neck should never be flaunted?

What is in this pouch is never to be spoken of!

It is between you and your Creator.

Principal Removes Tobacco From Student’s Sacred Medicine Pouch, Family Says

Simon Moya-Smith


Rosella “Rose” Kaquatosh was wearing the pouch outside of her clothing when a kitchen employee at Gresham School in Gresham, Wisconsin, allegedly demanded Kaquatosh take it off.

Why does a young girl have a “Medicine pouch?”

Or is it just

A normal girls pouch for prayer?