“Feeding the Black Bears is a 2nd degree fine!”

Today Friday November 6th on Channel 9 News Orlando Florida.

Mind you my friends, this is after the checks have been cashed and the money is in the bank from to horrible useless bear hunt!

Florida Wildlife Officials to the Public,

“Feeding the Black Bears is a 2nd degree fine!”

Today in the Florida Media to the Florida Public,

Florida Wildlife Officials are telling Floridians,

“It is your fault that the bears are now coming dangerously close to homes, you will be fined $500.00 plus a possible jail time!”

In 2014 there was 7,000 complaints of bears in the trash!



The bears are coming for food and to find their family and it is the fault of hunters, lazy home owners and ‘You the Florida Fish and Wildlife’, because you have not been doing your job to fine anyone feeding the wild life, leaving trash out too early, selling the food of the Black Bears and holding a “Stupid” bear hunt!

Apopka man warns neighbors of bear sighting, urges them to bring trash in!

Nov. 5, 2015



7 thoughts on ““Feeding the Black Bears is a 2nd degree fine!”

    • Feeding the bears (or gators) should be a huge penalty, at the first offense. Humans are the root of the problem. I would bet that all of the problem animals have been fed by humans one way or another. I have watched the idiots feed gators at Sumter Landing in The Villages. Probably they have all been “harvested” by now.


      • I can understand why we shouldn’t feed wildlife – but I don’t see how we get the right to kill them. Yes, their population is getting larger than the area we allow them to live in can support – but why? We eliminate their grounds with our own over-population… who thins out OUR herd – over population of humans seems to be the problem.

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  1. We have had similar problems where I live with an individual feeding them. This went on for a number of years with warnings, fines, etc and finally jail for a short time. Earlier this fall a number of the bears were shot and killed. Apparently she has a mental condition which lead to the tragic and senseless death of the bears. They were here before us, it is up to us to learn to be better stewards and not attract them to our homes and neighborhoods. It breaks my heart.


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