Native student challenges California professor

Native student challenges California professor who denies genocide

I must preface this column with a loathsome quote from California Governor Peter W. Burnett in 1851:

“That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races until the Indian race becomes extinct must be expected.”

by: Albert Bender

November 4 2015

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I know for sure that two tribes are still around in Southern California (around Si-Mi Valley)

because I had the privilege of a visit.

Could not make it into their circle, my loss, time just would not permit!

Praying for a next time?

My people over on the East coast of Indian Country are also alive and well thank-you.

Only I must admit, a little squashed between a few “Government Run, Government Controlled, Government Casino Indians!”

It is still very easy to tell the real from the ‘wannabes’ just watch how you are treated to everything that they have, plus as many trips into their circle they can talk to into enjoying with them!

You will never hear or feel money, you will always hear and feel Creator!

Oh by the way, not only was there a “Genocide!”

It is still on going today!


4 thoughts on “Native student challenges California professor

  1. One would think we would be more enlightened today, but genocide exists world wide now. Someone hates everyone not like themselves. You would think there would be more tolerance as time goes on, but the opposite seems to be the norm.
    We have used and abused Mother Earth so much (and I’m talking about my race here) that she is now extracting her justice on us all, including your people. All was done in the name of greed, and in the name of greed we all will die, genocide, suicide, homicide.
    War is now the norm, death is the outcome. We the sheeple have done it, we came here, took over a country that was not ours, and in 400 years destroyed what was once a paradise. Genocide is another name for greed.
    I’m just raving here Sachem. I’ve lost so many family members this year I am overcome with grief, and I’m sorry. Shouldn’t even post this.


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