Funny howbeit true story

Some of my followers might remember back some years ago now, on one of my postings that Facebook shut down my old account and I lost everything?

Many things can never be replaced because of no time to back it up and I was too new to know how!

I was told, as where so many other Native American, that I must use a “Non Native Name!”

Later I learned differently.

I had to use a christening name to open a new account?

This morning, first thing, on top of my Home Pages was a post from Facebook, nice looking post full of flowers with a quick note?

“Welcome Shechaim Ohjieshan, enjoy your day on Facebook.”?

I can still remember clear as a bell why this happened.

One of my then followers, I never did get her back, asked me to check on a website before she would buy her “Indian Name!”

I did this.

I want you to know, believing or not, that every true traditional elder from a real tribe can quickly feel the vibes from a phony, one did not have to feel anything from this guy, because no true traditional elder from a real tribe would ever charge to do any ceremony, ever!

We must leave it up to Kiehtan to replenish our Kinnick- Kinnick.

Two days later my site went down.

I found out much later that someone claimed that I was using filthy language on his site!

Any of my followers believe this?


My answer to this follower was, “One cannot charge anyone for any ceremony!”

Today Facebook loves me




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