Baby crematory graves robbed of brass again


There is a very simple answer to this problem?

Thieves are stealing the brass to sell as scrap medal.

So, make the name plates out of a super-strength polypropylene?

Plastic can come in many colors, is stronger than brass, cost less and will easily bolt onto the cement block.

The family could choose a color to fit the person, in this case baby?

WFTV Channel 9

Thieves are stealing brass vases from baby grave sites in Seminole County.


More than 100 families have become the victims of brass thefts after investigators said brass vases and markers were stolen from a Seminole County cemetery.

Most of the brass was stolen from a section where babies are buried.

Police said the thefts happened over the course of two nights at Oaklawn Memorial Park on Rinehart Road.

Gaping holes where brass vases holding flowers and other memorials stood atop graves of the deceased children.

Sixty vases were ripped from the graves the first night, and 65 were taken out the next, police said.

Each vase is worth about $250.

The groundskeeper said the thieves likely struck at night, and the vases are recyclable.

With brass prices around $1.50 per pound, police will be checking in with local recycling yards to see if any of the vases show up.

According to police reports, an officer found one of the vases lying on the ground and was able to get a fingerprint.

Investigators haven’t found any matches.


4 thoughts on “Baby crematory graves robbed of brass again

  1. I feel compassion for the families of the dead. Their loved ones graves were desecrated. It must have been traumatizing for them.

    It is not surprising that with such poverty and homeless in todays societies that crimes are on the rise. I myself have had an alcoholic neighbor who stole vegetables from our garden and he cleaned out most of our potatoes. He cleaned most of the meat out of our freezer….The man was hungry, but he stole more than he needed.He created hardship for us. We debated whether to report him, because in the end he was hungry and is menally ill. When a society does not provide for the most vulnerable by gauranteeing, health care, housing and income, we create desperate people who commit crimes just to try to stay alive. We live in a cold climate to be homeless in the winter would mean freezing to death. Sweden use to gaurantee this to all of their citizens. That is no longer the case here, but a discusion is underway that austerity cut backs have gone too far.


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