Saint Kim of Rowan County

Three little

“I was wonderings if you will?”

Is this the next person of questionable values to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Pope?

For the past hundred and Fifty or so years,

Christians from all faiths and there are a lot of Christian faiths in the religion?

A religions that should be believing in only one God and one Son of God?

Have been into every town, village, ‘Nation’ and Reservation in every state in the union and in Canada.

Preaching the Christian faith, more like demanding their faith, to Natives of the two Countries!

How many times has a pope from their religion, paid a visit to any of the

“First People of this Land?”

I except the fact that Jesus heals the sinner!

So, Jesus Christ healed Kim Davis and Pope Francis, not of her church, can visit with her.

Why not a visit to the people, not of her church, that she is refusing to serve at her job to serve the people?

I do believe the he, Pope Francis, wants to add to not take from his flock?

Davis has been married four times to three different men.

The first three marriages ended in divorce in 1994, 2006, and 2008.

She is the mother of twins, who were born five months after her divorce from her first husband.

Her third husband is the biological father of the twins, who were adopted by her second husband, Joe Davis, who is also her fourth and current husband, he supports her stance against same-sex marriage.

By the way, why is her son Nathan, a deputy town clerk, also allowed to deny going his job?

One of Davis’ twin sons, Nathan,

works in her office as a deputy clerk and has taken the same position of denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

Pope Francis meets with Kim Davis, enters culture war

4 thoughts on “Saint Kim of Rowan County

  1. The Pope does not speak for Christianity only Catholicism.
    I think your brush here is a little to broad. When public perception connects the Pope with the little protestant Church on the the corner it does us a great disservice. They don’t call us protestant for nothing… it is a church established in protest – Pope, Schmope.


    • infinitelyremote
      My brush is working just fine thank you, I know and believe you that there is a difference, a very big difference, it in the Catholic church and the people 0f the their church that say that they are the only church and we are just a splinter group?

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