Never Forget Cecil!

Walking with the Alligators

Cecil the lion at Hwange National Park in 2010.
Picture credit: Joe Sutherland/Wikipedia

Yesterday the Dental office of Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil the African Lion, re-opened.

The staff  announced that they are now open and serving their patients and that the Dr. is not on the premises.

Not only is Palmer a murderer, he is a coward.

But, what worries those of us who are outraged by Palmer’s vicious deed, is that when the office reopened yesterday, there was only ONE person there with a sign to object!

I for one, do not want any of you, or anyone else on this Planet, to forget what this Monster has done.
Complacency is infectious and spreads lie wildfire.

Already, many of the web pages/blog pages about this have been taken down, they just disappeared.

If we forget, if we just go on as if nothing has happened, Cecil will have died in vain and there will be many, many others to follow.

We must not forget…

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