A Ridiculous Award!

What she said! ūüôā
This is two of a kind that should never play poker!

Walking with the Alligators

Governor Scott in the ‚ÄúEnvironment‚ÄĚ he know so little about!
Picture credit: Eye on Miami ?? (not really sure)

I rarely find much humor in things that happen for the benefit of Wildlife in Florida, but this news in my email a few days ago, did make me laugh, out loud.

The Global public outcry and rage about the story of the death of the beloved African Lion, Cecil and the follow-up Night Light’s on the Empire State building stories had to be first, but now it is time to get back to work on everyday Florida Wildlife Issues.

This email and many other stories found about this Award, was/were to say the least, hilarious to me.

It would seem, that a developer in South Florida has decided that our Governor Scott deserves and will be given an award in the Fall at the Blue Green Gala, for his great contributions to our Florida Environment.

To quote several others who have already written…

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