Lighting hit a Winter Park School

A few days ago Lightning hit a Winter Park School Air-Conditioner in Orlando Florida.

Florida is considered the Lightning Capital of the world?

However, as you know lighting storms are in most if not all countries around the world?

Fortunately no one was harmed,

“This Time!”

It would seem that there are no lightning arrestors in the school systems?

No lightning arrestors in our schools?

If we the adults do not care about our property or our life that is your business, shame on you for not caring enough to protect all of our children.

Ask your government and school officials if the schools in your area are protected and if not why?

Their answers should remind you as to if they get voted in or out of office!

I have had a man made lightning protector on all of my buildings for over 50 years, the most expensive built myself was the latest at about $30.00.

Something like this one.


Could have been even a lot less if I wanted it to.

Florida is known for its beautiful weather and for lightning storms!

In fact, Florida has the highest number of lightning deaths in all of the United States.

Again, it only takes one lightning hit to take a loved one’s life anywhere in the world.

Lightning can kill, cause serious injury and damage property.

Our water fountain at Lake Eola receive a $1.6 million overhaul as a result of a lightning strike which caused damage to the pumps, lights, and electrical controls.

it can also strike homes in Florida and the countries electrical and plumbing fixtures.

There are thousands of ways to protect your loved ones from lightning however, not one of them will work if you do not have it installed on your roof?

Of these thousands and depending on your handyman ability the price range is from pennies to thousands of dollars, what price do you put on your loved ones and yourself?

8 thoughts on “Lighting hit a Winter Park School

  1. I think Florida is the top in lightning strikes.

    I was hit by lightning in NC as a kid and it threw me across the room. Here in Jersey, our house was hit twice by lightning. After one strike our basement filled with smoke and I called 911 after I shut off the power. The people who owned this house before had used a web of extension cords to light the basement. The fire chief said turning the power off saved our house.


    • Getting hit and almost hit by lightning is never funny Jackie
      Lowes, Home Depot and places like them sell copper wire and copper tubing?
      1/2″ tubing and cheap wire is better than getting hit again?
      I am concerned about the smoke in the basement?
      Does your outside power box and phone box have a wire going to ground?

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      • Yes, everything is grounded. Those extension cords were too low quality/strength to handle the load of the lightning bolt. The smoke in the basement came from the electrical extension cords, according to the fire department. That bolt hit the tree in the back yard first, then it traveled under our pool, went into the house via the natural gas pipe then hit several places through our electricity.

        The man who lived here before us thought himself quite a remodeler but what he did was to jerry-rig several things in this house to improve the appearance – and made it dangerous.

        After that episode, my electrical engineer husband checked everything with his gauges, including all the outlets. We destroyed all their extensions so nobody would use them, reworked outlets and switches to make sure they were safe.


      • Good for you and hubby, did he check the ground on the gas line?
        Donna and I were looking for a motor home some years ago before we bought the new one and she found one that she liked.
        I checked it out and could not run away fast enough.
        We still call it as he said to me, “I did the wiring myself!” 😦 !!!!!!!!!!

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      • It is amazing it did not blow up. The fire department showed us both and we fixed that first.

        Ha ha ha! My husband and I still laugh… When we find anything with shoddy work we call it “The Viventi Method,” after the yutz that lived here. They also had two boys that were uncivilized; they played on the roof and dismantled heat vents and stuffed small toys in them.

        There ought to be a law! 😀


  2. I agree. Having lived in “tornado alley” most of my life I still can’t believe the lack of tornado shelters.Unfortunately we don’t even talk about the need for tornado shelters in schools until a school has been hit. When I was young we were all taken out into the hallways and told to line up, sit down, put our head between our knees and cover our head with our hands. Looking back I am so glad our school was never hit by a tornado..


    • My time in school we were told to put our heads under the desk Espirational?
      No school, public or private should be built without a hurricane and tornado shelter and a lightning protector, no school in any town, city, state or country.
      Thank-you my friend for your comment.


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