Off My Menu!

Ditto(dĭt′ō) this was the place we would go for breakfast, until today, Waffle House “This is not a 3rd world country, at least not yet!”
Cracker Barrel here we come!

Flawless Pandemonium

A Waffle House In Arizona
Picture credit: Scott

I first saw this story in my mail a few days ago and because it was so very ugly and pointed accusing fingers at one of my all time favorite places to get a pecan waffle, I put it aside.

But after mulling over this information for several sleepless nights, I decided that sharing it was absolutely necessary.

The report/story from AlterNet, is the first one in the reference list below.

This most disturbing story was about Waffle House, one of the most prolific breakfast places in America.

They have hundreds of restaurants throughout America, 2,100 of them actually, in 25 states, many of which are in the South were they are headquartered.

This Georgia chain has been around since 1955 and until I saw this story, my only complaint had been their practice of allowing smoking on the premises and the fact that they were not always the cleanest places to eat.

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