Someone from an Unknown city in an Unknown state came to a few of my older tripod sites a half dozen times while looking for the word Coyote?

“Uncas tribe Mohegan coyote”

To be exact.



From North America ISP Syniverse Technologies, Llc Browser Android?

I do not usually write to such a weak area from Unknown however, this time it is important to teach about a Coyote in our culture?

Yes, there was and still are Coyotes in our area and in fact I remember a naming ceremony that my grandfather names a member from upstate N Y Chief Coyote because he always had some as friends (Coyotes) with him when he showed at our monthly meetings.

There was/is no such thing as “Uncas tribe Mohegan coyote” this person was not a Mohiigan.

I often use the word Coyote along with many other names while talking about the deceiver of our people.

Please understand that this is to let you all know that this fraud or wannabe (Kiehtan/Creator) has a different name in many cultures throughout the world, not in my culture but by using other names along with our name my readers could better understand the posting?

Coyote, Trickster, Evil-One, Bad-Spirit, Devil, Satan, Powwow, come to mind.

The word Coyote comes from my brothers and sisters west of the Mississippi river, I believe it means the same as Trickster or Powwow in my culture?

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