Tobacco like Religion

Religion has many different names and ways to get there.

Well Native American Tobacco also has many different names and uses least we natives forget?

I never knew that people, native American’s, used smoking tobacco in their culture and ceremonies until the internet?

Some of my people and many of my Grandfathers counsel members from around New York and New England did smoke cigarettes however, I never did see any of them use a cigarette or a pack in ceremonies?

My Grandfather would have put his foot down backed up by a 6’6″ 230lb frame.

Tobacco (Kinnick-Kinnick) was always a huge part of our Sacred Ceremonies as a prayer to Kiehtan, would you like to be the one sending Cancer up to your God?

The young are no longer being taught the ways of the elders and this is sad and also why the confusion, if a child wanted to try smoking the Head Clan Mothers would light them up a roll of Kinnick- Kinnick, end of smoking habit!

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