Disable Native American Facebook Accounts

Better Believe This!

Believe this, some time ago I called out this


in New England selling everything that he could get his hand on and teaching what he believer to be our “Sacred Ceremonies!”

Plus selling himself as an “Elder” to anyone that would mean getting money from people.

The next day I could not get back on my Facebook Account without jumping through many hoops? After returning I looked for him, he was nowhere on the internet?

That is when I was told that I was reported to Facebook after having an account for 7 years that my name was illegally?

As you can now see, I am using both my real name ‘given to me by the then Shechaim Ohjieshan and also my 2nd name given to me after the birth by this government.

This is a disgrace to my people however, I stay only because of a hand full of real good friends that do not know or wish to go on WordPress?

How White Separatists Disable Native American Facebook Accounts


As my true friends and followers know, many, not all, of our ceremony’s in our culture are sacred and can never be used to payment!

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