Native American Dream catcher Teardrop

Native American Dream catcher Teardrop

Welcome Middletown New Jersey

Looking for information about

A Native American dream-catcher/teardrop

Dream Catcher

The Story of the Teardrop

Middletown Township, New Jersey,_New_Jersey

I also placed this 2nd website up because I want you to know that can see nothing wrong about your Motto, mainly because it is not called Mascot and it is by no means derogatory to our people as with the name “RED SKIN, MASCOT or the disgusting  TOMAHAWK WAVEING rudeness by a white so called Florida Indian Group!


Thank you for that!

A Dream Catcher is a dream catcher is a dream catcher, just about all Native Americans and a few non-natives have a story about a Dream-Catcher however, you are in New Jersey so un-less you visit one of those ‘New Age’ tribes running around your area, a traditional tribes east of the Mississippi and on the east coast of Indian country tell the story about the Teardrop Catcher.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the name Dream-Catcher and nothing right about Teardrop it just depends or the area of Indian country as to how the story came about?

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  1. Middletown, New Jersey near my husband’s office – I have friends there. It is really a lovely place.

    The story of the dream catcher is precious. The Lenni-Lenape was the only tribe my daughters learned about in school. I’m sure there were more Natives here, though.


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