YO! HUNTERS, “Bears were here first!”


A hunting you will go, a hunting you will go, congratulation Wildlife Member’s that are hunters, a hunting you will go!

The hand writing is on the wall my friends, my only question left to ask is,

“will these hunters actually hunt in the parts of Florida where the humans refuse to obey the laws of the land, or will they be coming to the Ocala National Forrest to hunt the innocent bears that would have no idea why they are being killed?”

Today I wish to also inform my readers that the 20th is month will be the last day that we will be receiving this new rag that Leesburg joking refers to as a

“New and Better newspaper?”

We could tell from the voice on the other end of the phone that we were not the first to complain!

Big Business newspapers must always remember that this is Florida one of the first places in this hemisphere that people retire too, why, because we are the elders.

What comes with age, loss of perfect vision.

So dropping the size of the print and changing the fonts just to save a few pennies is not a very smart move if you wish to keep selling your product to the older people in your district?

As we in this house have stated often in the past, this was one of the top five newspapers in the country up until it was bought out for the 3rd time in 9 years and we traveled this country many times.


Fare thee well dear friend!


We both worked in Printing companies!

Her in L A


In Connecticut!

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  1. I went through Ocala National Forrest as a child; it was very beautiful back then. Have you seen the latest National Geographic?





    Much of Florida was built up with soil from all over. Most of it was swamps or swamp-like.


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