Train carrying 100 tankers of Crude oil exploded in W Virginia

It was by turn to give blood to the VA today because of my doctor’s appointment coming up.

This is the first time in 9 years they missed Valentine day or my birthday for the appointment?

Must be a new group?


soon so I could not write about this





Remember, I wrote with all types of oil and gas from Bunker-seed (#6 oil) through #4, #2, Kerosene, Diesel fuel to gasoline.

Number 6 heating oil at the time, in the 60’s was $.02 a gallon but you needed two very large electric heaters in the fuel oil tank, two in the boiler room on the wall and one on the fuel oil burner!

This Crude Oil on the train was twice as thick with pollutants.

Both our government and the government of Canada keeps telling us how safe it is to transport around our country, I say Google it!

Derailed into a house and explore twice

Shut down two water treatment plants

A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed in southern West Virginia on Monday, igniting 14 tankers and sparking a house fire, as several communities were forced to evacuate.

One or two of the cars plunged into the Kanawha River, said Robert Jelacic of the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

CSX said the train was hauling 109 cars from North Dakota to the coastal town of Yorktown, Virginia, where midstream firm Plains All American Pipelines runs an oil depot. It said one person was being treated for potential inhalation of fumes.

“CSX teams also are working with first responders to address the fire, to determine how many rail cars derailed, and to deploy environmental protective and monitoring measures on land, air and in the nearby Kanawha River,” CSX spokesman Gary Sease said in a news release.

The office of Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, which has issued a state of emergency, said the tanker cars were loaded with Bakken crude from North Dakota and headed to Yorktown, Virginia.

Train derailment sends oil tanker into West Virginia river

A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed during a snowstorm in southern West Virginia on Monday, sending at least one tanker into the Kanawha River, igniting at least 14 tankers in all and sparking a house fire, officials said.


The Bakken Shale Oil field, which stretches down from Canada into North Dakota and Montana, could hold over 5 billion barrels of oil reserves.

17 thoughts on “Train carrying 100 tankers of Crude oil exploded in W Virginia

      • denise

        Yes I do know and it is always very crowded passing your house.
        I worked with Sulfur, if there is an accident within a mile of your house please leave the area?
        I do remember the watermelon truck.
        Also, we miss the Ci-Ci’s Pizza behind you, or was not so long ago.


      • I live one half mile from the crossing. I believe there should be an evacuation plan for anyone living nearby, but alas the ones who should implement such a thing, do not. I can get out of here quickly. However if a catastrophe should occur in the night, there is no alarm.

        Did Ci Ci’s relocate? I never did go in there. I did go to NYPD a few years ago….and tried to order a non cheese pizza…..I just had a flash of memory…I think I may have seen you there with a lovely older woman; who smiled at me, very warmly, as if she knew I needed some encouragement that day (I did). It may not have been you, but I can’t forget that experience.


      • Sorry Denise
        Guess I got spring fever of something, my turn to cook plus playing outside today don’t remember if I wrote back to anyone today?
        The Ci Ci’s by you was great the first two years then it was subbed out and later one year. 😦
        I’m not that much of a pizze person but they did a good bunch of pizzas.
        Sounds like your crossing is like our Florida river managers, not one lives around the sinkhole


      • Denise
        (? you thing that you might have seen me where?)
        There is a lovely woman with me and has been since 1999 both divorced, we met on the internet, she was my Retired Treatment nurse now I am doing great and we are good friends.
        I do not think that I have ever been to a NYPD? However, we did go to that Ci ci’s by you until it closed.
        What did you need encouragement from if I may ask, can I help?


      • It could have been Ci ci’s…it was maybe 4 years ago??? I had lost my dog and my husband on the same day (April15) in 2011. I was with a friend having a bite to eat, probably in the fall of 2011 or maybe early 2012. We were getting ready to leave when a man and woman came in. I noticed her more than him. She had long hair and was angelic…she looked Native American. As I said maybe it was not you? She looked at me and smiled and nodded as if she knew me. I smiled, thinking how sweet she was.


      • My friend
        is Shawnee/Scottish/Scandinavian a blonde with light skin, people do not believe that she has blood however she has more blood then 90% of the so called natives in Florida, she does care deeply for people.
        So sorry for your loss and know that you still have not recovered, I lost two son while they were at work and a Airedale about the same time as you did, the dog not the boys.


      • I cannot be sure if she is the one I saw. It is good to know that such wonderful caring people all around us!

        I first wrote to you, trying to set up a blog, and answer something you had written. I hope before too long and end to that “incident” will come. My friend was vilified in the “”. Everyone (even you, back then) believed what the article said. It was awful. A private investigator has played a 911 call and possibly located the woman who called. We have information to find 2 or 3 witnesses other than me. We have a name for her and a connection to find the man in a white pick up truck who talked to us shortly after the “incident”. This has been going on since October. Very stressful, very expensive.


      • The youngest and the wild one stammered into the back of a tractor trailer going to work and the oldest had a cement wall cave in on him and his boss while repairing it!
        No I am still not over either one! 😦


  1. Thanks for continuing to alert the public in regards to the hazards traveling our country. My son lives near the place the derailment occurred. The water pollution was great, and yet, they are drinking bottled water. But someone is making big bucks by these transfers. That is what is most important – at least to someone.


    • Gypsy Bev
      Not to rain on your parade my good Gypsy friend however, how do we know that the bottle water people are drinking is really any better than polluted water?
      No one is out checking every water company to see if it is doing its job and many times if they are someone is usually filling their pockets with green! 😦


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