Alice Storey Native

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Looking for a name, Alice Storey Native and ending up on so many confusing sites?

While looking for places that you did visited while searching I get your confusion.

Modern times and money has been constantly able to fluff, if I may, native history almost as quickly as modern money and politicians have been able to change this countries laws to suit themselves!

The Storey Clan

Bright Star or Alice Bright Star


Grand Sachem Cooper a direct descendant of Unkas (Uncas), the great 17th-century leader of the Mohiigan Nation was the first Female Shechaim Ohjieshan of the Mohiigan people she appointed her daughter the only survivor of the (consumption disease) Alice Storey, just before her crossing ceremony to be her successor.


Because of my family members, myself included, I believe the it was in fact not consumption at all it was what my grandfather, father and I have, Cardiomyopathy, looks the same acts the same however it is the heart not the lungs.

It is also a bit confusing to find out on the net that a person with one English name can become the child of a person of another English name?

Confused me that’s for sure?

Alice Storey

Confusion on the Internet

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  1. Very interesting, but it is a bit strange that a person with one name gets another one. I suppose you speak a native indian language or languages. When I was young I used to read every single book about native North American indians, it was basically something which totally took my breath away, and I felt very sad after I arrived to Canada and found out that the daily life of native Americans is just tough and things can be very unfair, too.


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      We, the natives of this continent do have our own names however, Euro- Americans while taking their census of their states often could not spell let alone pronounce our name and wrote what they thought was close or use a Euro-American family name!


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