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Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

This has happened to me twice in the past and I still have not been able to re-up with many friends.

Know what the funny thing is?

Facebook uses names and accounts to sell advertising and will make no money off of my English name and a fortune if I were to re-build my Facebook account with the information from the two lost accounts, Word press and Google because people want to know the truth and find it there and not on Facebook!


What is a ‘Real Name’?

Facebook’s policy on real names only has got it in some PR hot water in the past, when it forced members of the LGBT community to use their legal (but not preferred) names. But it also seems like it has a track record of stupidity when it comes to the Native American community.

Colorlines has a report claiming that Facebook has suspended the accounts of several Native users — and has apparently been pretty poor about remedying the situation when presented with legal ID, as per Facebook’s official policy on the matter:


I had over 200 following native friends a few years ago however, I do not go looking to put them back because I demand to use the name that my Grandfather, the Sachem of my people gave me and know that in time Face book will remove that new site also, there will be no 4th!



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