Double Entendre or Controlled Florida Bear Hunting

Walking with the Alligators

And coming soon to Florida!

In the little publicized, poorly defined FFWS meeting in Jacksonville yesterday, not much was really accomplished or confirmed about the plan to renew Black Bear hunting in this state.

We still do not really know exactly how, when, where or what is going to  happen to our Black Bears.

Another meeting is set for April in Tallahassee.

A sparse few showed up to object to hunting them, but so many more came to support the plan to begin once again hunting/killing our Florida Black Bears.

FFWS said that they are going to become much more aggressive in the way Bears are handled or controlled from now on.

Two things in the various news stories reporting this meeting stood out to me.

One was that if the hunt is approved, the hunters will not be killing bears in the conflict/troubled areas, but, they will instead be deep in the woods killing Bears that may have never even seen…

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