An Unblinking Look at Sexual Assaults on Campus

‘The Hunting Ground,’ a Film About Rape Culture at Colleges

Jameis Winston accuser speaks out in film at Sundance.

PARK CITY, Utah — “The Hunting Ground,” set for release in theaters and broadcast on CNN, was billed by the Sundance Film Festival as a “piercing, monumental exposé of rape culture on campuses.” Judging by viewer reaction at the film’s premiere and the comments of two United States senators afterward, festival programmers might have undersold it.

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 Jameis Winston’s Rape Accuser Tells All In Sundance Documentary ‘The Hunting Ground’

Erica Kinsman, who accused the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback of a brutal sexual assault, opens up about her ordeal in filmmaker Kirby Dick’s harrowing doc.

Jameis Winston’s rape accuser speaks out about the former Heisman Trophy winner in a Sundance Film Festival documentary.

In The Hunting Ground documentary, which reports on sex crime cover-ups on college campuses, Winston’s alleged victim Erica Kinsman says the Florida State University quarterback raped her on the bathroom floor of an apartment.

“All these people were praising [Winston] and calling me a slut, a whore,” Kinsman reportedly says in the film, according to The Daily Beast.

She adds: “I kind of just want to know…why me? It doesn’t really make sense.”

The alleged incident took place in December 2012. In December 2013, charges against Winston were dropped by prosecutors. Earlier this month, Kinsman filed a civil lawsuit against Florida State University, saying that the school didn’t protect her Title IX rights and made it a “hostile educational environment for her,” according to ESPN.

On the same day the lawsuit was filed (January 7), Winston entered his name into the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft.

Must-see Sundance doc “The Hunting Ground” paints a harrowing picture of campus rape


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