Floridian Lab Rats

Walking with the Alligators

A female aedes-albopictus
Picture credit: CDC

If you are coming to Florida any time soon, you may wish to avoid our lovely lower Keys.

But, why you may ask?

They are the most breathtaking place in this state, so what could possibly make you want to avoid them?

Well, how do you feel about millions of Frankenstein mosquitoes that could be turned loose there, if the FDA approves it?

It seems that the years of overuse of pesticides has made local insects nearly immune to most of them now.

So, enter Oxitec and their cuddly little GMO mosquitoes

The thinking is that they will breed with and then wipe out the locals who cause two vicious viruses, that are presently, without cure or vaccines, and quite well spread throughout the Caribbean area.

These viruses are,  chikungunya and dengue and yes, the affected  area does include parts of Southern Florida.

The FDA is the same organization that has…

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