The Last Of The Mohican 영화에 나왔던 Uncas (웅카스) 뜻

The Last Of The Mohican 영화에나왔던 Uncas (웅카스) 뜻

I sure wish that I could get help from anyone that can translate into the Korean language?

I have been getting the same question in my trackers for years and have no way to let this county know that I wish to help?

This person can to one of my postings and I am sure that it was of little help?

Operating System Korea Telecom Seoul Tukpyolsi Korea, Republic of

안녕하세요 ^^ 어디에 찾아바도 나오질 않아서 글 올립니다.

1992년 영화 The Last Of The Mohican에 나왔던 인디안 모히칸족 아들역을 맡았던 Eric Schweig (에릭 슈웨이그의) 영화안의 배역 이름이 uncas(웅카스) 인데….

인디안어인듯하네요제가알기론인디안의이름이특이해서 Uncas(웅카스) 이름뜻을

알고 싶어서 그럽니다.

아시는 분 있으시면 부디 좀 답변 부탁합니다…..

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Chief Uncas


Our school is named after the first Sachem of the Mohegan Indians, Uncas.  This is Uncas’ story, as told by the present leader of the Storey Clan, Walkingfox.  “The Storey Clan is from the Abanaki Algonquin Nation.”  –Sachem Rolling Thunder.

“After Grand Sachem Wopigwooit, who died in 1631, the next Sachem of the Pequot tribe, could have been either Uncas or Sassacus, because of their blood lines.  Most of the tribe wanted the leadership to go to Sassacus, and so it did.  After many years, many wars, and the loss of many young braves of the nation nation of the Pequots, Chief Uncas tried to get Sachem Sassacus to stop the wars and make peace with the white man.

Chief Uncas tried to explain to his people, that if they continued on this path of war and destruction, they would soon no longer exist.

So, Chief Uncas took all who wanted to go and moved them across the Pequot River, which is now called the Thames, to the Great Falls of the City of Kings, which is now called Norwich, and named the Clan, the Mohegans.  The name Mohegan means Wolf.  (Shortly after) this time, Uncas became the Grand Sachem of the Mohegans.”

족장이름입니다  웹으로들어가시면나옵니다