Ishi, et al.


Walking with the Alligators

Our baby Ishi, so far, the only child of our sweet Harriet

Not wishing to put you all to sleep or bore you yesterday with a excruciatingly long post, I decided to split it in half, this then, is part two.

All the news today is not  bad, some of it is actually wonderful.

To begin…

A group of investors on the Gulf Coast here have donated over 200 acres of pristine land to be used for the benefit of Florida wildlife like the Florida Panther, red-cockaded woodpecker and Florida Black Bear.

This was an unexpected and generous thing and the animals say “thank you”

My only objections are, that hunting will be allowed on the land perhaps reducing the primary  food source for the highly Endangered Panther that calls this area home and secondly, the donors built a golf course in 2001, adding to the hundreds that are already here.


At a…

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