Gotta love Bernie …. #19!!


It Is What It Is


~~January 15, 2015~~ 

I remember as a young teenager, I started having the odd job here and there. Of all the monies I earned, a portion would go to my Social Security account. Up until my last day of work in February 2013, I was contributing a portion of my salary as insurance for my “golden years”. The money that is in my account is money that I saved.

There is absolutely no reason at all for ANYONE to say that this is an “entitlement” and that it has to be amended or “cut”.  Now that I am in my “golden age”, it’s time to draw from my personal savings account. 

You keep you greedy hands away from MY social security!


In the United States, Social Security is primarily the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) federal program.

The original Social Security Act and the current version of the Act…

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