Hacked and Back!

Walking with the Alligators

Breanna and me at Flagler Beach.

Yes, I have been away.

But the reason was entirely out of my hands.

Dealing since October with biopsies, surgeries and weekly trips to Gainesville for melanomas was a piece of cake compared to the past five weeks.

This time it is all mental stress.

If you are here, it is likely because you care about animals, wildlife to be exact.

And so do I, BIG TIME.

In 2008, my passion for their well-being led me to create a website to address the countless Issues about them and it was called, Gator-Woman.com.

The reason for this naming is a long story for another time.

This website has been a source of comfort to work on all of these years, believing, perhaps in vain, that it mattered and might be of use to others.

The website was also the reason that I initially came to WordPress, looking for a broader audience for the Issues…

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