Native American shaman teachers in Florida

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What is Shamanism?

While looking for information about Native American shaman teachers in Florida

It is no surprise that you would come to this state looking for something as weird as that because the state is known for weirdoes.

It’s no secret that much of the rest of the country thinks Florida is populated with crazy people.

And frankly, there are some people in the state who aren’t helping.

The past year has, again, been filled with stories of unusual happenings, strange crimes and other weirdness that contribute to the Sunshine State’s reputation for strange goings-on.

As proof, we offer just a sampling of some of the odd stories that came out of the Tampa Bay area and nearby in 2014 that made the 49 other states wonder what goes on down here.

This state has to most mixed up native gathering than any other state that I have ever visited in all of my traveling around Indian Country, so why not a Shaman running a powwow!

6 thoughts on “Native American shaman teachers in Florida

  1. You are so funny, but then so are so many of the stories I have read about Florida lately.

    I should ask my cousin in Tampa about some of those to see his reaction. I’m afraid he would drop a net over my head.


    • carolahand
      I believe you to be a traditional and you and your people are sent in your ways as well you should be.
      Think how you and your people would react if a large group of rejects from my people came over to your land and started demanding that your people do your culture and ceremonies their way because, after all your people are not real Indians?
      Don’t hurt your computer just know that for the last 15 to 20 years this is what I have been dealing with since the casino area!


      • Dear Sachem, thank you for expressing your important observations about the troubling impacts of casinos for many Native people in the US. Often casinos reflect the ultimate loss of sacred values – money becomes more important than sharing, kindness, and caring for each other and the earth. The long chance of “winning it big” replaces the responsibility we have to live honorably and walk lightly on the earth. Until people realize this, they will be lost and out of balance. It is deeply painful to witness this.


      • carolahand
        You are correct witnessing so many elders leaving to the casino Indians and very painful watching the treatment of them as one by one they get dumped after being used to get the reservation!
        So sad.
        Thank you for those kind words my friend, most people still do not understand why my grandfather has me promise on his death bed to turn my back or our casino Indians and people today still look down on me for honoring his and my father’s wishes however, my ancestors will be greeting me someday and I am looking forward to many hugs, kisses and a place once again with ALL of my family.
        I look forward to greeting my Clan Mothers also, they do not require money? 🙂 ❤

        Thank you again my friend.

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