Deadly Silence

Killing in deadly silence.

Walking with the Alligators

Hide baby, you’re safe, for now!
Picture credit: MWanner

Try to picture this scene.

You are strolling along a path in the lovely, tranquil Ocala Forest of Central Florida, walking with your wife/husband and children, when suddenly without warning, you are shot, perhaps killed.

There had not been a sound.

So, how did this tragedy happen and why?

I will explain in a minute.

Now also imagine driving along the familiar road you always take to go into town to the store and you happen upon a group of people and their vehicles pulled over and parked on the shoulder of the road.

They are all, either standing, or sitting, on the hoods or roofs of their trucks.

And what are they doing you ask?

Well, don’t be silly, they are shooting their rifles into the woods at animals.

These are Florida Hunters.

Yes, we are smack in the middle of Florida Deer Hunting Season right…

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