We will be busy a few days

If you do not find me or Donna on your posting or on your reader for a little while, there is a very good reason, talk about it in a few days.

Prayers would be nice?

Today as usual I took the spoiled brat, I mean, Ishi, out for her ‘walk about’ this time in the front yard at the spot where she first was spotted by Breanna and anything else that could dine on her, I stay real close!

Rain was coming so it was to be a quick walk.

Turned out to be a real quick walk.

While looking around for potential danger, guess who also decided to dine out?

Right, Harriett.

We have not seen her in some time.

Because of her fear from so many things happening to her in the last few years, I try to always vacate the front when she comes out to eat, Ishi and I were on one side of the tree and she was on the other and she did not see us, how to get away without scaring her back into her den so that she can have her full?

Ishi and I made it into the back door, Harriett stayed out even eating in the rain?

All is well, thank you Kiehtan for eyes to see such beauty!

23 thoughts on “We will be busy a few days

  1. both You and Donna are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please send my love to Donna and of-course to you too 🙂 Hugs and Love, Adam


  2. Prayers would be nice?—-Grandfather, With humility and appreciation, I am sending prayers on Blue Smoke asking that you and Donna be granted strength and endurance to get through whatever needs doing and that the doctors will have the wisdom to know the correct path to help. A Ho Thank you for all that you have dome


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