Harriett our Gopher turtle

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The boss of the property

Harriett was here first so I call her our landlord.



You can learn more at this site

Walking with the Alligators


Harriett has had a real hard life no matter how hard we try to smooth things out for her, as a youngster her home was way in the back of the property, one day I found two neighbor boys running her over with their remote control buggy about three times her size and I quickly put an end to that, she moved to the new fence up front at the road that I was building to keep our Airedale out of the road and seemed to be happy as long as she could get on and off the property now and again, in fact she would come up and watch as I was building the side fences keeping me company.

We had to deal with trucks parking on her burrows, Wi-Fi line installers digging her out of her burrow, storms caving in her burrows, she even spends time in a burrows her ex-boyfriend Harry built a few years ago, he left after a year?

There goes the grandchildren.

she just loves the burrows in the front

When she come out to eat or whatever everything dealing with our/her front yard stops until she goes back home.

Breanna is the boss of the house and the car, I can still remember in the long distant past when I was a boss of many things, guess this is called retirement and I wouldn’t change places with anyone.


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