Laura brown Penobscot Indian

Need a little clearing up on this one?

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Looking for a Laura brown Penobscot Indian?

To the best of my knowledge from teaching of my elders plus hands on information, I have never heard of a Penobscot with the name Laura Brown?

My ancestor, Laura brown, a runaway slave in one of the many underground railroads passing through Uncasvillage into Canada, married one of our people (Charlie Brown) and lived in Uncasvillage for the rest of her life, this would make her a member of the Mohiigan Tribe?

Shaw Mansion (New London, Connecticut) – Wikipedia,_Connecticut)

The Shaw Mansion is a historic mansion and historic house museum at 11 Blinman Street in New London, Connecticut. Built in 1756, it is a well-preserved example of a wealthy merchant’s house, made further notable as the location of the state’s naval offices during the American Revolutionary War. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. The headquarters and museum of the New London County 

 Site of an ‘Underground Railroad. Stop over for rest, food, safety and sleep before traveling through Mohiigan land to points north and freedom!

I traveled up to the Island of the Penobscot ( there was no reservation back then, the name was added after casinos showed) dozens of times with my uncle and my father and never heard of her, in fact my father and I crossed Nettie Smith.


Shechaim of the people and no one with that name show at her ceremony?