(Pantheists, like the Indians)

I would say that at least 99.98% on the natives that I have enjoyed the company with, believe in Creator and each of us has different names for the same and many believe in the son of Creator so, different is as different does? šŸ™‚


The ten pages of interesting reading is based for the most part on past non-believers trying to find a way to keep not believing?

You be the judge!

5 thoughts on “(Pantheists, like the Indians)

  1. Sachem, you post meaningful and thought-provoking words. I think we are all ONE…and ONE with Mother Earth. We are called to be “light beings” for one another…even when it is difficult..that is my greatest challenge, to remain balanced when there is chaos all around me. Thank YOU for your many visits to my blog! and thank YOU for that you share with us all! Blessings dear friend!


  2. This has been a very interesting visit. I’m one of the athiests but I don’t need to look for reasons not to believe. I do however believe that Jesus Christ existed and that he was possibly a very nice man, a very good man and that the ideas he preached of brotherhood and tolerance were excellent.
    But, all the stories about Jesus being born of a virgin, walking round as a teacher, having 12 disciples had all been told for centuries before Jesus was born and were given to the God of the Roman Legionaries. The books of the bible were not written by people who lived when Jesus did but were written by people after he dies, in some cases hundreds of years.There were many people who wrote books about him yet only certain ones were kept. One supposedly by Mary Magdalene who knew Jesus well was not published. The Bible itself was created from the books chosen and that again was many years after he died at the instigation of a Roman Emperor who wanted to bring the Empire together under one religion.
    The Church chosen to spread the beliefs about Jesus did so at the point of a sword and has created many wars and committed many crimes. If God existed would he allow so many to suffer.
    I believe Earth is the God(dess) we should worship for her care of us. But, it takes all kinds to make the world.
    I wish you Peace and Health.and do not intend to offend you.


    • David
      I did not write to defend a religion, not my right nor my job, I did however, write to defend every religions right to its own beliefs without a very small group of visitors condemning their rights in this free country?
      If a cross bothers you or your beliefs, look the other way, that’s all I’m saying?
      I am not offended my friend and I have no interest in condemning peoples belief, you sound like an honest and good thinker, I write about people, professed to be atheist, that think that it is their job in life at tearing down any other persons beliefs, which to me, makes them hypocrites?
      If a Synagogue, Church, Mosque or Shrine bother you turn your head, why does the other 98.98% of the people in a free country have to please only you and your religion?
      Thank you for your kind words, I am always at peace in my Creator and as it were, I just came from the V.A. and am extremely health, remember, even the Atheist have a religion, you just told me that you believe in the Earth Goddess.
      That said, if a book comes out to be judged the truth, then and only then can it receive the right to sit in judgment of Creator and/or Creators word.


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