Boycott Coke!

I also feel much better without their poisons, thanks Donna.

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An enraging letter/petition was in my email this morning and it has now become the subject of today’s posting.

Coke has been on The List  since this Blog’s inception and today the impetus for writing about it was delivered conveniently in my email.

Personally I have not drank any soft drinks for many years now, right after I learned what they did/do to our bodies.

I discovered that drinking Diet Coke every day was the source of my migraine headaches.

I stopped drinking it and the migraines were instantly gone.

This was more than twenty years ago.

But today, Coke has a huge family of other products and some of them have been here in our house, for a very long time.

Simply Orange used to be a favorite and just a week ago, I brought home some coconut water after seeing it on the Dr. Oz Show and hearing how good it was for us.

After looking at the…

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2 thoughts on “Boycott Coke!

  1. I stopped drinking Diet Coke about four years ago due to the aspartame content, which does lots of harm to the body. Headaches are gone and I have lots more energy.


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